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We were lucky for a long time, but my father was put on a transport on October 16 A friend of his stood next to him when he was sent to the wrong side. I personally had a very hard time accepting that. With the liberation in May , it must have been very difficult getting used to daily life in Prague again. That came up every day — what we would do and what we would eat. And then, when we were finally liberated, it was a very sad moment, because it was the first time we found out about Auschwitz. We realized that our relatives were not coming back.

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So, it was actually a very sad time. So I was lucky. After about a year there it was decided that he needed surgery and one of his lungs was collapsed.

With the communist takeover of , the family was split again. You and your mother emigrated to Argentina. Your brother decided to stay here.

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Maybe some people were both. My brother was a communist and when my uncle from Argentina came to Prague in early , he told my mother and me that we should leave. My brother decided to stay because he was already a published writer and he knew by then that he could never learn another language well enough to do the kind of writing he did.

Also because he was a member of the Communist Party, he decided to stay. So our family was separated. So I think we only spoke on the telephone once.

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Nine years after we left, my mother was finally able to go back and see him and I went back ten years later. But my mother went to Prague every summer. She lived in Argentina. I arrived in Argentina when Peron was in power. At the age of sixteen I had already lived under Hitler — and Stalin for a few months. I was very political, and Peron was too much for me. I went to an American high school and applied to go to college in the States. So I took Russian instead.

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  8. I majored in Russian and continued my studies for many years. Was it something that you tried to put behind you? It came naturally, because I lived in the present and made plans for the future. And that was not unusual. I think that was not so unusual. It took me even much longer, because I started making films in the s. Iconic Czech brands that survived competition from the West after the fall of communism. Czechs and Germans in s Czechoslovakia: a complex picture. MENU Toggle navigation.


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    Angela Orosz weighed just a third of what a normal infant does when she was born in Auschwitz, and only escaped death at the Nazi concentration camp because she was so weak she was "unable to cry". The year-old will appear in a German court this month to give her harrowing testimony against Reinhold Hanning, a former guard at Auschwitz, who she says was part of the "killing machine" that destroyed 1. Orosz's birth in Auschwitz was nothing short of a miracle, given the abuse that her mother suffered in the camp in occupied Poland.

    To her knowledge, she was one of two babies born in Auschwitz who survived. Her parents had wedded in but the Nazis invaded Hungary a year later, and forced them onto a train car for cattle. Her mother was already pregnant when they arrived in Auschwitz in May and were both put to hard labor. Her father died of exhaustion, while her mother was so undernourished that the pregnancy did not show even in the seventh month.

    She was also subjected to notorious camp doctor Josef Mengele's gruesome experiments, including a sterilisation procedure that entailed inserting a burning substance into her cervix. But the train could not accommodate more people, even with all those pushing. The last train left leaving on the platform dead and dying people. I heard horrifying screams. Blood was flowing so profusely, that it was pouring into the building. The corpses were brought in, to be later removed for sanitary reason. The German guards were laughing obviously excited by so fine attraction.

    Some of them went looking for food, some started to escort the remaining group to the building. We entered the big, empty hall, and sat in the corner. There were some rags on the floor, and Granny and my mom hid the children, Lenka and me, under the rags in the corner. After the scenes we just witnessed, we were desperate and terribly frightened.

    We expected some period of quiet, but the group of Germans entered the building looking for more fun. In one of the corners there was a group of about 20 people, mostly women with small children. They pushed the screaming children against the wall, and began shooting randomly at them.

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    Women went hysterical, screaming, and shouting, and trying to reach their children. They were brutally pushed back by Jewish policemen. Several children were lying in the pool of blood, others were screaming shrilly. We looked at this scene with horror. At last the laughing guards left, leaving behind this terrible scene on the floor: blood, parts of the flesh, dead children, and screaming mothers.

    Everything went quiet; it was late, and we expected it to be our last night. Now he was moving freely around, dressed in policeman uniform, obviously serving in the Umschlagplatz unit. Six-year-old little Lenka was his daughter.