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Buthman: You know, I had somebody ask me what my leadership philosophy was at one time, and it boils down to working hard and being nice. And so, I have a sign in my office that says, "Work …. Over the next decade Vincent Manier believes growing numbers of finance leaders will adopt the dictums of "green finance" extending the influence of …. As the complexity behind the new revenue recognition standard ASC discharges a cloud of angst and consternation over many accounting departments, ….

Having been a software entrepreneur, technology investor and restructuring advisor, Steffen Parratt says his divergent career has long been fueled by …. Whether he was identifying international …. It was ten years ago when Larry Begley last exited the CFO office to dedicate his days to building an early stage venture capital firm. After four tours of duty as a finance leader for different entities, the finance ….

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Inside the impatient age of the millennial workforce - Mark Buthman's year career at Kimberly Clark might appear to some as a throwback - a stubborn artifact from an earlier era. However, the leadership lessons …. As more CFOs become tasked with not just reporting growth but driving it, customer success metrics are becoming increasingly popular, and no one ….

Part II What's steps must a finance leader take to embed fiance talent across an organziation? Learn what role finance played in the upstart …. Jim Szakacs, CFO, Tayganpoint, What role does finance play when correctly incentivizing and retaining human assets is the primary measure of ….

In fact, managing productivity and employee engagement is one of the biggest …. When it comes to finance leadership what role does storytelling play in effective communication? Join us when ….

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Join us …. No longer. Today the CFO of Bonhams says finance leaders can help …. How does a media firm widely known for its newspaper journalism exit the business? Join us as Ralph revisits the difficult decisions that led …. Join us as author …. What does it take to embed a finance team across a manufacturing organization? Join us as three seasoned manufacturing CFOs explain the inner ….

Join us when Susheel shares her …. Join us when Bill shares his CFO-mind-set and explains why he likes to view his business ….

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Join us as Samuel Dergel explains what sets one big data initiative apart from the rest, and …. Join us when John …. Listen now. What can finance teams learn from the Agile software development rank-and-file? Join Bob Bloom, …. Join …. Mark Lack, Business Intelligence, Mueller.

Join us as Mark Lack, manager of …. What advice does he have to …. Join us as finance leader Dan Atler …. Is your organization assessing uncertainty using scenario planning? Join us as Bill shares his CFO mind-set and reveals what ….

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Join us as Mike shares his CFO mind-set and reveals how his firm is determined to uncover new competitive advantages using …. What does long term planning mean to your finance team? Is a monthly review process part of your organizational rhythm? Are mentors valuable to those who inhabit the C-suite? Join us as Matt shares his CFO mind-set and explains how his past experience in sales operations is now ….

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Join us as John shares his CFO mind-set and the …. Join us as Karl …. Join us as Jackie shares her CFO mind-set and reveals how her finance leadership …. Join us as five of our CFO …. Below are some of the awards we are proud to have received in recent years. Deltek has been recognized for the second time by J. Power Certified Assisted Technical Support Program evaluates overall customer satisfaction and helps technology support organizations increase their efficiency and effectiveness in technical service and support.

The Confirmit ACE Awards program celebrates outstanding achievements in delivering a world-class customer experience. This certification recognizes that Deltek meets the highest industry standards for customer support operations. To achieve this distinguished certification, Deltek participated in a rigorous audit process that evaluated over best-practices for delivering industry-leading technical support.

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Executive Mosaic, an executive media and events company in the government contracting market, recognized the most influential and impactful executives in the D. Corkery was also on the Wash list in To qualify for inclusion in the Project-Based ERP category, a product must: provide an end-to-end solution for all projects worked on by a company; track and record enterprise resource data on a project level; and offer transparency throughout multiple departments as to the processes and data of projects, including financials, resource allocation, and time and expense management.

The 37th annual Leadership Excellence and Development Awards honors the great work companies are doing in Leadership Training and Development. The Value Matrix from Nucleus provides an assessment of solutions based on usability and functionality. Deltek has been recognized as a Leader for the third straight year. The Tech includes companies and individuals driving tech innovation, implementing new solutions for their customers, and leading growth in the Greater Washington region.

Deltek was selected by the judging committee for our dedication to technology and customers, our continued focus on growth, and our commitment to our employees!

4 ERP Failure Stories and How to Avoid Becoming One

Since , the award has been presented annually to companies who, as rated solely by their own customers, exceeded expectations in customer satisfaction during the prior calendar year. This list honors some of the DC region's top in-house attorneys for making significant contributions to the growth of their own great companies.

Deltek was ranked No. But they also showcase the ability of the project teams and in particular, the project manager. Since the meetings are important, the project team leader should spend time with their project managers ahead of time to prepare them and make sure they keep to the point. Avoiding Project Sponsorship becoming a spectator sport - our top 3 tips 1 Projects don't fail in the end, they fail in the beginning.

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Project governance is the most common reason projects fail. The following three tips will help you to set your project up for success for more on project sponsorship, go to www. The reason could be a lack of communication, different assumptions or the fact that time has moved on, and the priorities have changed. Together, the project sponsor and project manager should put together a Mission Statement that encapsulates the project's goals and success criteria.

Review this periodically as the project progresses. Give airtime to the project manager The responsibility of the project sponsor includes articulating the high level scope i. An experienced and hard-nosed project manager would be expected to provide delivery focused plans, identify issues and potential solutions, mitigate risks and prioritize to meet deadlines. Without the two speaking regularly to each other, the Project Sponsor and Project Manager are likely to make assumptions which may constitute significant risk to the successful delivery of the project.

Getting the governance right A project will consist of in descending order of importance - the business sponsor, the project steering group or project board, stakeholders, affected parties and interested parties. It is important to identify which category project members fall into to get the best results for your project. Some stakeholders are incentivised to see a project succeed and will move heaven and earth to make it so.

But not all stakeholders can commit to attend steering committee meetings, so a small highly motivated subset should be elected as the decision makers to form the Project Board. If something has gone wrong, the project team leader should work with the project manager prior to the meeting to discuss the strategy.