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At 3 December , the list of users who support the potential Wikimedia genealogy project , reached ! Hello Alexmar, may you be surrounded by peace, success and happiness on this seasonal occasion.

Spread the WikiLove by wishing another user a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year , whether it be someone you have had disagreements with in the past, a good friend, or just some random person. Sending you heartfelt and warm greetings for Christmas and New Year It is also an active user community, and has broad-based language support. Besides the handiness of Zotero's warehousing of personal citation collections, the Zotero translator underlies the citoid service , at work behind the VisualEditor.

Metadata from Wikidata can be imported into Zotero; and in the other direction the zotkat tool from the University of Mannheim allows Zotero bibliographies to be exported to Wikidata, by item creation. With an extra feature to add statements, that route could lead to much development of the focus list P tagging on Wikidata, by WikiProjects. There is also a large-scale encyclopedic dimension here.

The construction of Zotero translators is one facet of Web scraping that has a strong community and open source basis. In that it resembles the less formal mix'n'match import community, and growing networks around other approaches that can integrate datasets into Wikidata, such as the use of OpenRefine.

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Looking ahead, the thirtieth birthday of the World Wide Web falls in , and yet the ambition to make webpages routinely readable by machines can still seem an ever-retreating mirage. Wikidata should not only be helping Wikimedia integrate its projects, an ongoing process represented by Structured Data on Commons and lexemes.

It should also be acting as a catalyst to bring scraping in from the cold, with institutional strengths as well as resourceful code. So the article seems to be in place. It doesn't seem to have been reviewed yet. There will need to be wikilinks added from other articles to Olga's.

If the Italian article is ever reintroduced in Italian Wikipedia, I'll go there and speak up for it. Good luck! Hello, maybe you confuse me with some of my colleagues Remo or Alessandra probably , I don't think we ever talked about Olga Napoli. Anyway, I think it's a good thing and as you can imagine, I was in favor of maintaining the article on it.

I think that sooner or later there will be space on it. Thank you for your friendship! Good job! I have just reviewed the page, as a part of our page curation process and note that:. Message delivered via the Page Curation tool, on behalf of the reviewer. Cwmhiraeth talk , 20 January UTC. Recently Jimmy Wales has made the point that computer home assistants take much of their data from Wikipedia, one way or another. So as well as getting Spotify to play Frosty the Snowman for you, they may be able to answer the question "is the Pope Catholic? Headlines about data breaches are now familiar, but the unannounced circulation of information raises other issues.

One of those is Gresham's law stated as "bad data drives out good". Wikipedia and now Wikidata have been criticised on related grounds: what if their content, unattributed, is taken to have a higher standing than Wikimedians themselves would grant it? See Wikiquote on a misattribution to Bismarck for the usual quip about "law and sausages", and why one shouldn't watch them in the making. Wikipedia has now turned 18, so should act like as adult, as well as being treated like one. But not just with the teenage skill of detecting phoniness. There is more to beating Gresham than exposing the factoid and urban myth , where WP:V does do a great job.

Placeholders must be detected, and working with Wikidata is a good way to understand how having one statement as data can blind us to replacing it by a more accurate one. An example that is important to open access is that, firstly, the term itself needs considerable unpacking, because just being able to read material online is a poor relation of "open"; and secondly, trying to get Creative Commons license information into Wikidata shows up issues with classes of license such as CC-BY standing for the actual license in major repositories.

Detailed investigation shows that "everything flows" exacerbates the issue. But Wikidata can solve it. Grazie, Alexmar, per il tuo interessamento. In un futuro prossimo vorrei completare anche quelle di Siena. Systematic reviews are basic building blocks of evidence-based medicine , surveys of existing literature devoted typically to a definite question that aim to bring out scientific conclusions.

They are principled in a way Wikipedians can appreciate, taking a critical view of their sources. Ben Goldacre in wrote link below "[ In some respects the whole show is still run on paper, like it's the 19th century. Wouldn't some machine-readable content that is structured data help? Most likely it would, but the arcana of systematic reviews and how they add value would still need formal handling.

The concerns there include the corpus of papers used: how selected and filtered? Now that Wikidata has a Each systematic review is a tagging opportunity for a bibliography. Could that tagging be reproduced by a query, in principle? Can it even be second-guessed by a query i. Homing in on the arcana, do the inclusion and filtering criteria translate into metadata? At some level they must, but are these metadata explicitly expressed in the articles themselves? The answer to that is surely "no" at this point, but can TDM find them?

Again "no", right now. Automatic identification doesn't just happen. Actually these questions lack originality. It should be noted though that WP:MEDRS , the reliable sources guideline used here for health information, hinges on the assumption that the usefully systematic reviews of biomedical literature can be recognised. Process wonkery about systematic reviews definitely has merit. Half a century ago, it was the era of the mainframe computer , with its air-conditioned room, twitching tape-drives, and appearance in the title of a spy novel Billion-Dollar Brain then made into a Hollywood film.

Now we have the cloud , with server farms and the client—server model as quotidian: this text is being typed on a Chromebook.

The term Applications Programming Interface or API is 50 years old, and refers to a type of software library as well as the interface to its use. While a compiler is what you need to get high-level code executed by a mainframe, an API out in the cloud somewhere offers a chance to perform operations on a remote server.

Magic words, such as occur in fantasy stories, are wishful rather than RESTful solutions to gaining access. You may need to be a linguist to enter Ali Baba 's cave or the western door of Moria French in the case of " Open Sesame ", in fact, and Sindarin being the respective languages.

Poirot. Tutti i racconti (Oscar bestsellers Vol. 2244) (Italian Edition) by Agatha Christie

Talking to an API requires a bigger toolkit, which first means you have to recognise the tools in terms of what they can do. On the way to the wikt:impactful or polymathic modern handling of facts, one must perhaps take only tactful notice of tech's endemic problem with documentation, and absorb the insightful point that the code in APIs does articulate the customary procedures now in place on the cloud for getting information.

Hi if you are interested, you can see also my comment about the Switzerland template. Most of the times such rigid interpretation do not hold on the long term, but after so many years of similar discussions on varipous platforms I have learned it's no point in insisting. User:Aspects can delete all the red links, I hope he can also take care of reinserting them when they are blue because I am not. This also include the effort to put decently standardized title so that pages whould not be created with incorrect title and maybe moved after creation, which also took me some time to check in the sources.

Also, I am quite sure that if you dig you will discover what we have here is some intepretation that is not fully supported, or partially intepreted or too rigid I saw your link in the talk page but it would take me hours to state something I consider reasonable since I am not a frequent user here. If you have time and you manage to get it reverted with less effort than it would cost to me, this is the diff on the other template of which I took care. For sure, untill I don't see it reverted or something similar, I am not creating navboxes anymore. Talk of cloud computing draws a veil over hardware, but also, less obviously but more importantly, obscures such intellectual distinction as matters most in its use.

Wikidata begins to allow tasks to be undertaken that were out of easy reach. The facility should not be taken as the real point. Coming in from another angle, the "executive decision" is more glamorous; but the "administrative decision" should be admired for its command of facts. Think of the attitudes ad fontes , so prevalent here on Wikipedia as "can you give me a source for that? Impatience expressed as a disdain for such pedantry is quite understandable, but neither dirty data nor false dichotomies are at all good to have around. Issue 13 and Issue 21 , respectively on WP:MEDRS and systematic reviews , talk about biomedical literature and computing tasks that would be of higher quality if they could be made more "administrative".

See a Problem?

For example, it is desirable that the decisions involved be consistent, explicable, and reproducible by non-experts from specified inputs. What gets clouded out is not impossibly hard to understand. You do need to put together the insights of functional programming , which is a doctrinaire and purist but clearcut approach, with the practicality of office software. Loopless computation can be conceived of as a seamless forward march of spreadsheet columns, each determined by the content of previous ones.

Very well: to do a backward audit, when now we are talking about Wikidata, we rely on integrity of data and its scrupulous sourcing: and clearcut case analyses. Two dozen issues, and this may be the last, a valediction at least for a while. This common ground is helping to convert an engineering concept into a movement.

TDM generally has little enough connection with the Semantic Web, being instead in the orbit of machine learning which is no respecter of the semantic. Don't break a taboo by asking bots "and what do you mean by that? It strives for compliance of its fact mining, on drug treatments of diseases, with an automated form of the relevant Wikipedia referencing guideline MEDRS.

It also now has a custom front end, and its content can be federated , in other words used in data mashups: it is one of over 50 sites that can federate with Wikidata.

I bei libri non vanno mai in ferie: che ne dite de La Strana Morte dell'Ammiraglio e de Il Silenzio?

The human factor comes to bear through the front end, which combines a link to the HTML version of a paper, text mining results organised in drug and disease columns, and a SPARQL display of nearby drug and disease terms. Much software to develop and explain, so little time!

Rather than telling the tale, Facto Post brings you ScienceSource links, starting from the how-to video, lower right. The review tool requires a log in on sciencesource. It can be used in simple and more advanced workflows. Please be aware that this is a research project in development, and may have outages for planned maintenance. That will apply for the next few days, at least. The ScienceSource wiki main page carries information on practical matters.