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I lean against the rover, feeling its metal on my back, but as soon as I close my eyes a door creaks open. I exhale, free to go back to enjoying the fresh air. I focus on the freshness of the wind and try to clear my thoughts. Then his red hair, followed by his face twisted in anger. I just hope I find what I need before anything bad happens. The wind picks up and pebbles rain on the body of the rover, making a tuck-tuck-tuck sound. My rare moment alone is over. I could stay a bit longer, but that will only anger Jonah.

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Besides, the wind is increasing. On the other side of the giant crater, a dust devil swirls up from the ground, which is not a good sign. A cloud of light-brown dust rises in the north and gradually lifts into the sky. I point north, past the giant crater in front of us. His eyes follow an imaginary trajectory and then grow big. The black smoke swirls are already dying when we leave the area, but they fill my thoughts on the way to the base.

A six year-old believes anything you tell them. When Jonah parks the rover, my legs are itching to move.

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I climb out, planting my feet firmly on the smooth ground of the hangar. This hangar is several times as big as airships hangars back on Earth. White light from the far-away ceiling hits the countless dark-green giant rovers, making them shine. Nor do I have any idea what projects they each work on. Not me, of course. I hurry to meet Selena at the central lab, where she works analyzing biological material. The wide and white hallways of the base are quieter than usual.

There are usually droves of scientists everywhere, and by now someone would have stopped me either to chit-chat or to lecture me about some punctuation error on a report. As if I ever have that kind of time to waste. No sign of Selena or anyone else. She knew I was coming after the mission. I start to trace my steps back and out, when whispers catch my attention.

A group of white-coats are huddled in a corner, men and women almost undistinguishable from each other. No matter their gender, their neck-high, ghost-white lab coats hug their bodies just the same.

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Yet, against my better judgment, I approach them. The whispers die as soon as they notice my presence, their eyes grow big, and they glance awkwardly at one another.

This is weird even for scientists who lack the best of social skills. The wrinkles around his eyes twitch, something that usually precedes bad news. I thought I knew everyone on this base. What has she done, Ryker? Everything feels frozen in place. We always do it together. The other scientists start to approach us, their brows raised, hands straightening their coats—all signs of an impeding avalanche of questions. Selena will face a court-martial. I will never see her again, and all because of me. She always knows, and she forced me to tell her. And how could I have kept it from her?

A similar accident killed my own father over a decade ago. Maybe she did something wrong on a soil analysis and they took her to straighten something out.

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They have a standard New Horizon moss-green guard uniform, and both have glacial expressions that are impossible to read. Armed men search the diner for Eleven, but she escapes. Will's mother Joyce believes she hears Will's voice on a distorted phone call, but her phone short circuits. Night Shyamalan , however, due to changes at Warner Bros. The brothers were mentored by Shyamalan during the episode's production, so that when they finished, they felt they were ready to produce their own television series.

The Duffer Brothers prepared a script that would essentially be similar to the series' actual pilot episode, along with a page pitch book to help shop the series around for a network. They subsequently invited The Duffer Brothers to their office and purchased the rights for the series, giving full authorship of it to the brothers. After reading the pilot, the streaming service Netflix purchased the whole season for an undisclosed amount; [7] the show was subsequently announced for a planned release by Netflix in early April Both Vulture and The A.


Club gave the episode a positive review, praising its nostalgic elements and acting. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. July 25, Den of Geek. Retrieved July 17, A person who causes embarrassment is not liable unless he acts intentionally, as implied by the phrase: "And she extends her hand.

Therefore, if a person who was sleeping or the like embarrassed a colleague, he is not liable. A man is considered mu'ad at all times - whether acting intentionally or unintentionally, whether asleep or awake or intoxicated. If he injures a colleague or damages a colleague's property, he must always reimburse him from his choicest property. When is a person who causes damage while asleep required to make restitution? When they both went to sleep at the same time, and one turned over and injured his colleague or tore his garment.

If, however, a person was sleeping and a colleague came and lay down next to him, only the one who lay down afterwards is considered mu'ad. If the person sleeping injures the one who came afterwards, he is not liable. Similarly, if a person places a utensil next to a person who is sleeping, and the one who is sleeping breaks it, he is not liable.

For the one who placed the article down was the one who was mu'ad and who acted with negligence. If a person fell from a roof because of an ordinary wind and caused damage, he is liable for four assessments, but is not liable for the embarrassment he caused. If he fell because of an exceptional wind, he is liable only for the injury, but not for the other four assessments. If, however, he turned over so that he would fall on a person to soften the blow he would receive, he is liable even for the embarrassment he caused. For whenever a person intentionally causes injury, he is liable for the embarrassment he caused, even though he did not have the intent of embarrassing the other person.

When two people injure another person at the same time, they are both liable and they divide the assessment between themselves. If one of them acted intentionally and the other acted unintentionally, the one who acted unintentionally is not liable for the embarrassment that was caused. If a person intended to embarrass a minor and instead embarrassed an adult, he is required to pay the adult what he would pay for embarrassing a minor. If a person intended to embarrass a servant and instead embarrassed a free man, he is required to pay the free man what he would pay for embarrassing a servant.

If a stone was placed in a person's bosom - regardless of whether he had never known about it, or he had known about it and forgotten it - and when he stood up, the stone fell and caused damage, he is liable only for the injury, but not for the other four assessments. Similarly, if he intended to throw a stone two cubits, and he throw it four cubits and it caused an injury, or if he caused an injury while sleeping, he is liable only for the injury, but not for the other four assessments. Whenever a person injures a colleague, he is liable for the five assessments. Even if a person enters a colleague's domain without permission and the owner injures him, the owner is liable.

For he has permission to remove the intruder from his domain, but he does not have permission to injure him. If, however, the person who entered bumps into the owner and is injured, the owner is not liable. If the owner bumps into him and is injured, the person who entered is liable, for he entered without permission. If they both had permission to be in that domain, or neither had permission to be in that domain, and one bumps into the other and is injured, neither is liable.

In all of the situations to be described, the person who caused the injury is liable for four assessments, but not for the embarrassment he caused: He was chopping wood in the public domain, and a piece of wood took flight and caused injury in the private domain. He was chopping wood in a private domain and caused injury in a public domain.

He was chopping wood in a private domain and caused injury in another private domain. A person entered a carpenter's store - whether with permission or without permission - and a block of wood was propelled and hit him in the face. Just as an evaluation is made with regard to death, so too, an evaluation is made with regard to damages. What is implied?

If he strikes a colleague with a small stone that is not large enough to cause injury, or a small sliver of wood and causes an injury that this article is not ordinarily capable of causing, he is not liable. This concept is alluded to by Exodus , which speaks of "a man strik ing a colleague with a stone or a fist" - i. He is, however, liable for the embarrassment that he caused. Accordingly, the witnesses have to know the article that caused the injury.

This article should be brought to the court, and an evaluation is made concerning it, and a reckoning. If the article that caused the injury was lost and the person who caused the injury claims: "It was not sufficient to cause the injury. The injury occurred because of forces beyond my control," and the person who was injured claims: "It was sufficient to cause the injury," the person who was injured should support his claim with an oath and collect his due, as will be explained. A metal object is never evaluated to see whether it can cause injury. Instead, we assume that it can, for even a small needle is capable of killing and surely of causing injury.

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When a person throws a stone, and afterwards another person extends his head out from a window and is struck by it, the one who threw the stone is not liable at all. This is derived from Deuteronomy , which speaks of the head of an axe coming loose and "strik ing a colleague.